Dek Hockey

  • Adress:  2481 boulevard des Entreprises, Terrebonne. 
  • Phone number: (450) 961-9295
  • Email:

 The center offers: 

  • two prime quality surfaces;
  • locker rooms with showers;
  • restaurant and bar;
  • free Wi-Fi.



Dek Hockey for adults 4x4 (18 years old and older)

The inscriptions must be made with the organizations.

Each team must consist of up to 12 players on the roster in addition to a goaler. There will be a warm-up period (5 minutes) followed by 3 periods of 15 minutes in continous time. If there is a tie after the three periods, there is a extension of 3 minutes (3x3) followed by a shootout. 

The equipement required for all players consists of a pair of gloves (hockey, lacrosse or broomball). Wearing the helmet and glasses is at the discretion of the players. For goalies, full equipement is accepted. (See the league's rules) / / (450) 437-2255


Junior dek hockey

The inscriptions must be made with the organizations.

Teams are built according to the year of birth of the players. The league's coordinator makes the teams so that they can all be the same caliber. Registration consists of 12 games and each team has 10 to 12 players and 1 goalkeeper. 

The equipement required for all players is a helmet with a face protector, gloves and leg warmers. Any type of stick is accepted. Sweaters are included. / / (450) 437-2255



More dek hockey

You can rent a rink if you want to organize an occasional game or an adult league. You can make your reservations online or call us at (450) 961-9295. 





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