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Terrebonne indoor softball league 


The LBMIT is a friendly league for softball enthusiasts who want to practice this sport during the winter. This league favors sportsmanship and camaraderie rather than competitiveness.

The parts of Softball will take place on a synthetic ground of 60 mx 60 m. For the safety of the players, the wearing of shoes with metal cleats is forbidden The teams will play seven rounds per week, led by two referees and a marker. Registration is individual (limited space). Teams will be trained in the draft. For more information on this league, contact Sébastien Guay.



Automn and winter shcedule 




Thursday 20h45     to    22h15    Centre de soccer multifonctionnel
Thursday 22h30     to 00h00 Centre de soccer multifonctionnel
Thursday 20h30     to 22h00 Centre de soccer multifonctionnel
Thursday 22h15     to 23h45 Centre de soccer multifonctionnel


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