The Ringette des Moulins Association is in charge of developing and coaching ringette in the greater Des Moulins area. This organization is established at the Forum and welcomes participants of all ages.
The Affluents school board and the Ringuette des Moulins Association offer students the opportunity to combine study and sports training. The school offers a compressed schedule to allow the student athlete to train in the afternoon (around 2:45 pm) every school day at the Multiglace. The school part of the program is provided by the school of Vieux-Chênes. All the skills of the training program will be developed as for a regular student. The sports program is entirely supported by the Association of Ringuette des Moulins. All supervised by a parent committee formed by parents of the players concerned.
The Ringette des Moulins association

It is possible to reserve an ice for an adult league, a private training, a birthday or a friendly party. Find out about our availabilities and prices by e-mail info@csterrebonne.com or by phone (450) 961-9295 P. 201.

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