sustainable development committee committee

sustainable development committee

In 2019, the Complexes Sportifs Terrebonne set up a committee that is committed to integrating the principles of sustainable development into all of its activities. Our common thread is to improve our overall performance by focusing on the balance between profits, the planet and people.

The self-assessment of the corporation, according to the 21 stakes of the BNQ 21000 standard, allowed us to highlight our strengths and areas for improvement. Our main objectives 2019-2020 to realize our commitment are:  


  • Set up a committee and appoint a sustainable development manager;
  • Integrate the principles of sustainable development into all our activities including our mission, vision, values, our strategic planning, our code of ethics and governance, etc .;
  • Continue to improve customer satisfaction; Improve the current purchasing policy so that it is responsible;
  • Improve the health and safety of employees and customers;
  • Pursue employee development related to strategic planning; Carry out an overall assessment of the facilities' environmental footprint in order to then set realistic and measurable reduction targets;
  • Inform and sensitize all our stakeholders (employees, customers, partners, etc.) to the issues of sustainable development and actions to take to participate actively.  

These objectives will be repeated and linked to specific indicators and actions in the organization's Sustainable Development Action Plan.