Gymnastics and trampoline at the Cité du sport


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Gymnastics and trampoline at Cité du Sport

The Viagym Club

Established in 1980, Club de gymnastique Viagym teaches young people in the region artistic gymnastics and trampoline sports in a structured fashion. The Viagym Club is a non-profit organization led by a Board of Directors consisting of volunteer parents and supported by senior, technical and financial managements on a permanent basis.

Renowned by the Fédération de gymnastique du Québec and bound by statements of agreement with the MRC and the cities of Terrebonne and Mascouche, the club provides the Développement program with services that are aimed at young kids from age 2 and up. From this base, the club recruits gymnasts and trampolinists to partake in multiple competitive programs of Relève, Provincial, National and Haute performance levels. Selected athletes represent the club and the region in various competitions throughout the year. 


Competition stream – An environment that fosters emerging talents  

The new Viagym center of Cité du sport in Terrebonne has a larger gymnasium that was improved to help gymnasts reach their full potential. By providing quality coaching, we aim to create an environment in which each athlete will flourish.

Recreational stream – Développement Program

The Développement program provides progressive technical training in our two fields – artistic gymnastics and trampoline sports, in a context of structured exploration and fun.


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