Boxing club at the Cité du sport

Adress: 2485 boulevard des Entreprises, Terrebonne, Local A-184
Phone number:            (450) 961-9295 P.438


Boxing at the Cite du Sport

Inscriptions must be made with the organizations.

Boxing is one of the most comprehensive trainings. It allows you to develop both your cardiovascular and muscular endurance. Boxing exercises combine strength and speed in addition to increasing your coordination and agility.

Club de boxe l’Impérium offers several types of courses according to your needs and level of experience. These courses are given in an atmosphere of good fellowship and regardless of the course you choose, you will be supervised by an experimented coach at all times.

Intensive training will provide you with discipline, determination and self-confidence. At Club de boxe l’Impérium, you will practice boxing with qualified trainers that are certified by Boxe Québec and the PNCE.

Our gym is equipped with all the necessary equipment to box. We also provide bandages and gloves for those who don’t have any. Simply bring your sportswear and sneakers.



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