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Fitness center at Cité du sport and Forum.

Tech Gym offers two kinds of gyms under one roof. Ever since June 1, 2010, Tech Gym pro has merged with Tech Gym concept cardio. The space was enlarged to gather two fitness centers in one. Now, you can enjoy a family-friendly gym with machines adapted to beginners and another one that's more for professionals that includes many free weights.

Furthermore, we offer various training programs and complete physical evaluation performed by Physio Extra kinesiologists. We designed various types of subscriptions that include evaluations and customized programs conducted by certified trainers. We also offer services from an autonomous private trainer affiliated with us. We make sure you have all the right tools to achieve your goals.

The offered courses of techfit, zumba, kickboxing or others, are intended to satisfy the followers of all levels. They are also given in spaces with a performant system of ventilation and maintained premises, under the supervision of a successful and professional team.

Come see how welcoming and dynamic our mega-center is!



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