About us


Our mission

Complexes Sportifs Terrebonne, a non-profit organization, makes accessing sports for Terrebonne residents. We welcome sports associations of the city and region so that everyone can take advantage of the best recreational and sporting services in the province. Furthermore, we have been mandated by the city of Terrebonne for the maintenance of the pool located at Cité du sport.

As an employer, Complexes Sportifs Terrebonne ensures that all employees are treated with respect and that they evolve in a healthy work environment in order to reach their potential and grow within the organization. The cores values of the organization are passion, sens of belonging, being an entrepreneur, autonomy and continuous improvement.

The organization is proud to be Oser-Jeunes Or certified, encouraging their employees to combine education and work. 


Complexes Sportifs Terrebonne remain an outstanding municipal partner.